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PSE Mail Processing Clerk Interview


US Postal Service

Why do you want to work for usps? Any conflicts with a coworker or supervisor? Tell me a time when you went above and beyond for a customer? What would your pior employer say about you? Have you had any safety incidents in the past? What would you do if you have a item that is too heavy to lift? What would you do if you seen a coworker doing something he/she don't suppose to be doing?

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I was contacted by them after applying 2 months ago. They asked me to do a drug test and background check but have not had an interview yet. Is this normal?

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Yes this is normal. The same thing happened to me a few months ago. Usps is unorganized since there are over 1000's of applicants.

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Thanks, LD. I am in the Phoenix area. Was the interview a group interview like what I've read on this site? I only score a 76 on my test.

DN on


That's a good score. In phx Not a group interview it's one on one. About 10-15 questions. If they tell you at the end on the interview about the medical step you got the job. They like your interview answer to be short not lengthy. Because they only have 5 interviewers and they have 65 or more folks to interview.

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If you work a year they will give you 5 days off and offer you a perm position with full benefits.And a raise.

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