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There are three buckets, one with apples, one with oranges, and one with a mixture of both. They are all labeled wrong. You can pick one piece of fruit from one bucket, what would you pick to determine what is in all three buckets?

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I posted the question, sorry, I should have answered it. You pick a piece from the basket labeled "mixed." This is because you know it is labeled wrong (every basket is). So, if you pull out an orange you know that the basket holds only oranges. Now you have one basket figured out, and you know the remaining two are also mislabeled, so you switch their labels and you're done.

New Staff on


The question should state that the label always lie. If the label says "Apple Only" it could be "Mixture" or "Orange only" So the one labeled "Mixture" is either "Apple Only" or "Orange Only". So you choose Mixture and what ever fruit you get is the label that is correct. Then switch the other two.

LRS on


All of the answers are close but not entirely correct. Any box is labeled incorrectly. Choose the mixture box. If you pick out an orange, it is necessarily an orange only box. The other two must only be the mixture or apples only. The mislabeld apples only box must be the mixture because it is mislabeled and there are only 2 other choices left. The last box is the mixture. This is the order in which you must think, although the particular fruit you pick up first could be either apple or orange.

Kovacs on


There is no way to determine the answer, just by picking one fruit alone. First, I'd pay attention to the 2 buckets that give off an orange smell. Then, I'd dive my hand into the bucket, taking care to feel what's around my hand. Picking up the fruit doesn't really matter; it's whether the bucket you picked just has oranges or not.

C M on

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