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That Link to the test: Johny has a blue apple and gave it to Jenny who traded that blue apple for the banana that Tom gave her earlier what did Jenny trade Tom to get that banana

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ok ....that question is not verbatum but yeah thats the kind of test that it was question after question like math word problems with not Math .....CRAZY

Anonymous on

1 states she traded the banana for the blue apple. Tom GAVE her the banana she did not TRADE for it. The only trade was between her and Johny and she only had a banana to offer up for the blue apple.

Rita on


So we can assume she didn't TRADE anything with Tom. She was recipient of his generosity. 😆

Rita on


I just took that UPS candidate assessment test. The 18 questions in 20 minutes stressed me out more than I have been stressed out in years. I felt like McGyver before the bomb goes off. I would be very impressed if someone can answer those 18 questions in 20 minutes. I believe I answered 7 and not sure if I got them all correct. The questions are all over the board, so you need to reset your mind after each question and none of them relate to the job. I'm sure there are people experienced in these tests and they perform well. I don't see how the 18 questions relate to selling freight.

Mark on


Maybe the answer is "nothing" because there's no such thing as a blue apple. (??)

Anonymous on

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