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Sequence of numbers in random order and 1 of them is missing how to find that out...


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If the sequence is guaranteed to contain only positive integers, it can be done like so: Read in the sequence, noting the MIN and MAX numbers. The sum IF it started from 1 would be MAX(MAX-1)/2. The sum of the 'missing' numbers (from 1 up to where the sequence actually starts) is (MIN-1)*MIN/2. The missing number is given by taking the difference between the two: X = [MAX*(MAX-1) - (MIN-1)*MIN]/2.

Anonymous on


Oops, in addition to what I put above there is a final step to get the actual answer. The missing number is equal to X minus the sum of the numbers given.

Anonymous on


N(N+1)/2 - sum of the input = missing number

Anonymous on


It isn't stated that sequence starts from 1. The sequence could be 8,9,5,6!

Jatin on

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