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Haven't had an interview yet. so I haven't received an offer at this point

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you will get an email for background check, drug test, and if RCA or CCA applicant, a motor vehicle background check. It may take well over a month for the email. After completing and passing tests you will get an email for an interview. Unfortunately you may have to wait an additional 30-40 days for the invitation. If they like you, they will send your interview packet to the district office and will receive another email to come in and do your tax paperwork and fingerprinting. You'll hear a final decision a week or two after the last step. The whole process takes about 3 months. I applied in late July and my hire date was on November first. When I converted to PSE from Mail Handler I went through the entire process again and had to wait the same length of time....even though I was already employed with USPS.

Michelle on


Hi there! The score you are provided after taking the 473 is a combination of your application and 473e. The highest possible score is just over 90. I suggest applying for every possible opening available. You may have to accept a position you don't really want, but once you get in, you can keep applying for ones you do want. You're changes are better once you're in. I passed the test two weeks ago and applied for 26 positions. I have been not selected for some and I'm on the hire list and pre-screen for others. They send emails and change the status in the SAP eCareers job system. Check both multiple times a day. Currently I have two interviews scheduled, have taken the drug test and have been through the background screening process. It's a long process. Don't give up and keep at it!! I'm going to apply until they hire me. lol

Sherry V. on


It does take time. You also have to consider that are Veterans that have applied to this position and they may qualify up to 10 addition points on top of their testing score. Which would place them over 100.

Conerned on

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