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Are you ok with spending 30k on a new white pickup?

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Please share the actual amount paid. The actual number was never truly spoken. Believe it or not $800 or $900 a month does not cover the costs on a new vehicle at 35,000 miles a year. Payment, ins., taxes, maintenance and tires. I already have a brand new car and own a newer red pickup, the purchase of another new truck does not make sense. If the job does not work out, you now have a 500+ car payment + ins. And taxes. I felt if they want you to drive a specific year and color vehicle they should mention that in the phone screening interview. Have you seen the price of new trucks??!! I am being conservative when I say 30k (+2,100 sales tax). Remember, it cannot be older than five years. If you purchase a three or four-year-old truck you'll be replacing it very soon. The starting pay for this position was also $35,000 with no guarantees.

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This is changing this year. They are providing new Ford’s to all outside reps.

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You lose money on the truck allowance every month, before you pay any maintenance or repairs. I did it for almost 10 years!!!

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You are given an extremely generous allowance for the truck plus paid mileage

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