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What's the Best Part About Being a Project Coordinator IV?

Here is what Project Coordinator IV professionals have to say are their favorite part of the job or their company. There are 15K Project Coordinator IV reviews for 9K companies.

Shine Solar

Project Coordinator28 Feb 2020

“I enjoy the work environment and look forward to coming into work daily.”

Reyes Holdings

Junior Project Coordinator15 Aug 2020

“great work atmosphere to enjoy”

Rampart Multifamily

Project Coordinator27 Apr 2022

“Everyone seemed happy every day.”


Project Coordinator5 Nov 2020

“Good to work and happy to join in”

Vitrerie Surmesure (1992)

Project Coordinator21 Feb 2022

“Happy to teach you to develop your skills”

Tristate Plumbing

Project Coordinator6 Apr 2021

“Going above to keep employees happy”

Exodus Doors

Project Coordinator24 Aug 2021

“Do you enjoy building sites / excel spreadsheets”

BCIC Swiss

Project Coordinator3 Jan 2021

“I am happy to work here”

RHAD Agency

Project Coordinator16 May 2022

“Happy Place to work.”

Miwak Junior

Project Coordinator4 Nov 2021

“Lots of room to learn, grow and enjoy the projects”

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