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15 Apr 2022

“My teams were usually nice and most of the time I enjoyed what I did.”

TopStack ResumeTopStack Resume
Senior Resume Writer
18 May 2022

“Most clients are kind and good to work with and I enjoy the other writers as well.”

Showbiz Cheat SheetShowbiz Cheat Sheet
13 Jan 2021

“Everyone I worked with was lovely and absolutely did their best to help when it was necessary.”

Fort Hays State UniversityFort Hays State University
6 Apr 2022

“Everyone was willing to work with you and teach you and help you grow as a student employee.”

Quiz Writer
7 Aug 2022

“It was honestly really fun to make quizzes all day and the pay was fair to me.”

7 Oct 2021

“salary is good and in this experience I learned how to manage my time properly.”

Kirkus MediaKirkus Media
Freelance Writer
3 May 2022

“Terrible pay that's been the way for years and seems unlikely to go up.”

Respawn EntertainmentRespawn Entertainment
30 Jul 2020

“Good learning experience on what to do and what not to do in game development.”

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Frequently asked questions about the role and responsibilities of writers

A typical day for a writer includes studying the world around them looking for inspiration. There are many different types of writing. Fiction writers write novels or short stories. Some writers draft scripts for movies or television series. Once a writer has finished the first draft, the writer edits it multiple times. The revision process can take as long as the writing process.

Writing can be a rewarding and enjoyable career for creative people whose stories leap from their minds to the page. One advantage of being a writer is that once you start earning royalties, you have more spare time to spend with your friends or family. Also, a writer's hours are flexible because it's not a typical 9-to-5 job.

There are some difficult aspects of working as a writer. For example, many people dream of becoming bestselling authors but it may take several failures before you finally get your big break. This is why, when becoming a writer it's important to find your genre and a niche market to set yourself up for success.

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